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sentier sous-marin
Relay buoy
Bouees relais
Interactive underwater trail

The system is an excellent vector to promote a marine site. Marine reserve or leisure park operators can thus offer visitors a unique and rewarding experience.

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Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
AMPHICOM© is a registered trademark. AQUA FM® and ABYSOUND® are registered trademarks.
AMPHICOM® products are protected by various international patents.


AMPHICOM®'s "Interactive underwater trails" are a new and exiting way to discover a coastal or underwater environment (such as a marine sanctuary). Buoys equipped with dedicated short range radio transmitters are placed along a chosen "underwater path". The transmitters broadcast continuously a digitally prerecorded message (information, music, etc.). Visitors equipped with AQUA FM® PRO snorkels can listen to the messages as they swim from one buoy to the other.